We understand that starting a brokerage is not an easy task. When it comes to regulation, the FX world is becoming increasingly stringent, with many different opinions as to what license should be obtained.

TransactCloud will work with you and put you in contact with our numerous regulatory experts and consultants, giving you an honest opinion about how best to structure your operations. Our consultants are experienced in regulation in the following areas:

• CYSEC (Cyprus)
• FCA (United Kingdom)
• FSP (New Zealand)
• FSC (Belize)
• SFC (Hong Kong)

We can assist you in regulatory jurisdiction and where best to conduct your Forex business operations from. Having a well-structured regulatory arm from the beginning is key in order to make your business flow smoothly without any interruptions in trading activity. Up until now the FX business has concentrated on IT and technology. The future of FX is increasingly focusing around the aspects of compliance and regulatory obligations.

For more information contact the TransactCloud team now.