Modern web technologies opened new horizons to financial markets by migrating trading software from desktop to the web.

Web trading platform by TraderEvolution is a lightweight, yet a very powerful web application which is based on HTML5 and JavaScript technologies.

Anywhere, any operating system

TraderEvolution Web is supported in all browsers.

No more installations

No need to download and install additional software to run TraderEvolution Web.

Fully white label

TraderEvolution Web will have your logo and serve your clients under your brand.


With TraderEvolution Web you can trade any assets: Equities, ETFs, Futures, Options, CFDs, Forex, in one web platform.

Discover the key tools here:


TraderEvolution charting package delivers powerful tools to traders to perform technical analysis. Chart styles range from traditional Lines, Bars, Candles, to more specific ones like Dots, Histograms, Area. More than 40 technical indicators for analyzing the price trend are at traders’ service. Symbol overlay is for comparing movements of different instruments or finding a correlation in price movement of different instruments.

Trading from the Chart

Traders, particularly chart traders, will enjoy the feature of opening and closing positions right on the chart. TraderEvolution is equipped with the Built-in order entry to ease order execution. By activating the Visual trading function, traders can place an order at the desired price in a single click, plot Take Profit and Stop Loss positions by simply dragging and dropping.


The fully customizable interface features panel docking and linking that give traders full control over creation of their multiple custom workspaces. A trader may set the dependency of panels and link them, thus an instrument in each panel will be automatically synchronized.

Market depth and T&S

With Market depth, traders will have a more informative view of the price action and have a detailed roll-up of price movements.

The Time & Sales tool demonstrates more detailed information of executed trades per time, per each symbol.